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Gridstats Retro

Given everything going on at the moment (and plenty of people with time on their hands) earlier in "lockdown" I offered out a free startup to past and existing players who wished to try a return to one of our games, and given quite a few people have taken it up, particularly on Gameplan, it set the gears cranking. 

Clearly people want to play some games. How can one run Gridstats when there’s no games being played?

So here’s the idea - “Gridstats Retro”  

Leagues are comprised of eight teams (two divisions of four) – it makes them easier to fill, and means we can concentrate on starters.
Seasons are ten games long (two against each team in your division, one against each team outside) with two weeks of playoffs.  
Four teams qualify for the playoffs, two divisional winners plus two wildcards (who may be from the same division).
The game starts with the 1983 season (the first non-strike season of UK coverage of the NFL)
Three bidding rounds will start the game, with eight bids per team (not ten), followed by one preseason round.
Each week we take the real stats from an NFL week that season (chosen at random, though I’ll flag in advance which quarter of the season it is – e.g. Gridstats week 1 will be one of weeks 5, 6, 7 or 8 of that season).
No bonus scores, we only count the actual scores (touchdowns and field goals).
Each season flows into the next (so after 1983, we move to 1984).
As usual, you are not restricted to players on the player list (particularly useful towards the end of next season, as you know who the next season star rookies will be).
Deadlines will be weekly.
Email play only (no posting results).
No Tipping Competition (obviously).
No Conversions until 1994
No Bonds (so you can’t kick financial problems down the road).  
No Playoff Bonuses (as we'll be using a real life NFL week with all teams playing)
“Roadtest” rules will apply for the first season (i.e. I reserve the right to tweak any rules as we go along).
Strategies will be used (thanks for the feedback).

Pretty much everything else works the same. You’ll have more certainty about who the key players are (John Riggins led the league in rushing TD’s, Lynn Dickey in passing) but you won’t know for sure they’ll be scoring in any given week, and only 12 of the 16 real life weeks will “count”. Backups will be more important (so you’ll need squad depth) and the concentration of players means more poaching. And you’ll have an idea of which players are heading towards retirement, because you know when they retire, but also which players are worth picking up, because in future seasons they'll be valuable (but please be sensible, don't add Patrick Mahomes in the middle of the 1983 season). 

Update (30th May 2020)

So the game is live. We have two leagues running, and are now midway through the 1983 season. Eric Dickerson looks to be a promising rookie running back, and a quarterback called Dan Marino has just had his first start. If you're interested in joining please get in touch.

Gridstats Rulebook (April 2020 Version) NFL Retro Player List

Last updated: Saturday May 30, 2020 10:49  

For more information please contact: Danny McConnell

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